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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is ViLOG?
    ViLOG is an AI-powered asset logistics & yard management solution that allows efficient asset tracking and management. The service allows tracking of assets (vehicles) and getting insights on process performance based on the asset and employees location analytics, and the interaction between the assets and employees. The captured and processed data can be used by ViLOG and integrated into a customer’s other 3rd party software systems to track and optimize operations and company business processes.
  • What are the main components of the ViLOG solution?
    ViLOG uses standard BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacons and a custom mobile app, backed by cloud services to achieve operational efficiency at a lower cost. In addition ViLOG can integrate multiple data sources including 3rd party tags (GPS trackers, OBD plugs, RFID tags, etc.) to provide more accurate actionable insights.
  • What is ViLOG pricing model?
    ViLOG has a very simple SaaS pricing model. Only pay for what you use. Initial setup and purchase of beacons are one time costs (you may need to purchase more beacons as you grow). Regardless of how many devices/users are using the app (included), and no matter how many beacons you own; you pay per month only for the maximum concurrent assets that you tracked during the month.
  • Is it mandatory to install any other equipment other than the beacons and downloading the mobile device app?
    No, It is customer’s preference if you would like to install routers on utility vehicles and(or) at fixed locations for extra convenience. There are some equipment that can be helpful in some cases, but nothing more is necessary for the ViLOG system to function at full capacity.
  • What would a pilot/trial of ViLOG entail? Does it require ViLOG representatives to be on site?
    We will ship beacons to your location, and remotely configure your SaaS implementation. In many cases we can facilitate the pilot without the need for our representatives to be on site. We have onboarded many customers completely remote. The solution is easy to use and doesn’t require complex implementation at your location or intensive training of staff.
  • How long does it take to start using ViLOG?
    Just a few days. You need to have the beacons on hand to begin. You may receive beacons from ViLOG or buy them from other vendors, install the ViLOG app on your mobile phone(s) and you are good to start!
  • Can we source beacons from our own vendors?
    Yes, you can. ViLOG uses off the shelf beacons available from many vendors worldwide. We can assist you in selecting beacons available from your preferred vendor.
  • Can we use ViLOG to track other types of assets?
    ViLOG started as a finished vehicles logistics solution but proved to work very well with any bulky assets (cable drums, wood, metal piles, trailers, etc.). Any enterprise with volumes of large asset such as cable drums, metal piles, trailers, shipping containers, can benefit from the ViLOG solution.
  • Can ViLOG allocate tasks to users nearest to asset(s)?
    ViLOG stores and processes location data of the devices which employees carry with them and assets location data. Thanks to that we can allocate tasks to people closest to assets.
  • Does your solution require to be installed on premise?
    ViLOG is a cloud-based platform, but if there is a significant need for “on-premise” deployment, we will be happy to work w