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The Challenge

Although cars are built in highly-automated, state-of-the-art factories and end customers are shifting to digital procurement, the way those vehicles are tracked and delivered typically relies on dated manual methods that are inevitably prone to human error. This results in problems such as misplaced vehicles, slower logistics throughput, and increased costs

The problem with today’s solutions

Conventional finished vehicle asset tracking methods are no longer up to the job in an increasingly competitive automotive logistics sector. They only offer a tiny part of the information automotive vehicle manufacturers, logistics operations, distributors and more need to know to efficiently operate their businesses. Stakeholders are left to fill in the blanks. That’s hard to do and often results in human error causing problems that cost time and money to put right

What’s needed

A comprehensive and continually updated summary of a finished vehicle’s status—including what has already happened, is happening now and will happen next—and the intelligence to process and analyse that information enables informed decisions which transform the efficiency of automotive logistics businesses

ViLOG’s answer

ViLOG is the platform upon which the next generation of automotive logistics businesses will be built; it ceaselessly gathers data about a finished vehicle’s status and seamlessly uses that information to optimize the automotive logistics process - from factory floor-to-customer door. And ViLOG is not just for tracking new vehicles, it can easily be extended to car servicing, car rental and car dealership environments too. This is Virtual Logistics in action


ViLOG is the answer to tomorrow’s automotive logistics challenges

Stop guessing and start knowing the status of every vehicle and what to do next to run your automotive business in the most optimized way

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